AAA: Expect Gas Prices in Florida to Rise This Week

AAA sounded the alarm on Monday that gas prices should increase this week, even as they remained steady in recent days.

On Monday, AAA released a report showing the average gallon of gas in Florida cost $2.62 on Sunday, just below the national average of $2.63 but almost 30 cents more than a month ago and seven cents higher than this time last year.

Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA and the Auto Club Group, weighed in on gas prices in Florida.

“Florida drivers may see gas prices rise another 10 cents this week,” said Jenkins. “Both planned and unplanned refinery maintenance, rising demand, and the switch to summer gasoline continue to contribute to the seasonal springtime jump at the pump. Based on current conditions, gas prices will likely peak sometime between Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day weekend.”

“So far this year, the state average has increased 46 cents per gallon. Florida ranks 16th among states with the most expensive gas prices in the nation ($2.62),” AAA noted. “California is number one among states with the most expensive gas prices in the nation, with an average price of $3.47 per gallon.

The West Palm Beach-Boca Raton area easily had the most expensive gas in Florida at $2.76 a gallon followed by Miami at $2.70 a gallon and Fort Lauderdale at $2.69 a gallon. Jacksonville and Orlando had the least expensive gas at $2.56 a gallon followed by Punta Gorda at $2.57 a gallon.


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