AAA: Gas Prices Held Steady in Florida But Should Increase This Week

Gas prices held steady in Florida over the past week but AAA warns that they will soon increase across the Sunshine State.

On Sunday, the average gallon of gas in Florida cost $2.47, down a penny from the week before. That’s just under the national average which stood at $2.48 a gallon on Sunday and below the $2.50 a gallon that Floridians saw at this time last year. However, in the past month, gas prices have been rising in Florida, with the state average going up 22 cents a gallon.

But Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA and the Auto Club Group, said on Monday that Florida drivers should expect gas prices to go up this week, especially as wholesale gas prices are on the rise.

“Gasoline supplies are beginning to tighten as refineries conduct seasonal maintenance and switch to summer-blend gasoline,” Jenkins said. “Wholesale gasoline prices rose 10 cents late last week. The state average will likely rise 5-10 cents this week, as a result.”

The West Palm Beach-Boca Raton area saw the most expensive gas in the state with prices averaging $2.58 a gallon followed by Miami at $2.52 a gallon and the Sebastian-Vero Beach market at $2.51 a gallon. Pensacola had the least expensive gas in the state at $2.41 a gallon followed by Jacksonville and Orlando at $2.42 a gallon.


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