AAA: One in Five Florida Residents Plan to Move in the Next Year, Mostly Staying in State

Almost a fifth of Floridians–19 percent–plan to move in the next year, according to a new survey from AAA.

According to the AAA survey, which was released on Thursday morning, half of Floridians planning to move–53 percent of them–plan to move in the either the upcoming spring or summer.

Most of those Floridians–60 percent–intend to own their new homes will 33 percent plan to rent. Almost half of those surveyed—49 percent–plan to move into a single-family home while 29 percent intend to move into an apartment.

Almost half of those who plan to move–47 percent–intend to move somewhere else in the same city while 29 plan to move somewhere else in Florida while only 17 percent intend to move out of the Sunshine State.

Most of Floridians planning to move–59 percent–plan to use cash or savings to pay for the move while 27 percent plan to use a credit card.

Around half of Floridians planning to move–51 percent–plan to spend less than $1,000 with the remainder planning to spend more. More than a quarter of those surveyed–28 percent–plan to spend less than $500.

“Most people pay for their moving expenses using cash or savings,” said Matt Nasworthy, the Florida public affairs director of AAA and the Auto Club Group, on Thursday. “During a move money can be tight, which means most consumers are looking for the best value for their dollar when paying for things like moving trucks and packing supplies. Taking advantage of discounts, like those at AAA, and timing your move correctly can save you a substantial amount.”

According to Penske, two of the top ten moving destinations in the nation lat year were in Florida with the Tampa/Sarasota area placing fifth and Orlando placed sixth.

The AAA survey of more than 1,000 Florida residents was taken from April 4, 2018 – April 27. The sample of  202 residents who moved in the past 12 months or plan to move in the next 12 months completed the survey had a margin of error of +/- 6.9 percent.


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