AAA Warns Floridians Gas Prices ‘Likely to Remain Elevated Throughout the Holiday Season

AAA released a report showing a slight drop in gas prices across Florida.

The average gallon of gas in Florida stood at $3.28 on Sunday, down from $3.31 at the start of last week. The national average stood at $3.42 a gallon on Sunday.

AAA pointed to dropping crude oil prices as the main reason for the slight drop.

“The price of crude oil – which has been the main driver of rising gas prices – dropped 7 percent last week, as domestic oil production and stocks logged weekly gains. It was the first real sign of weakness in the oil market in a month, as fuel demand continues to outpace global supplies. Unfortunately for motorists, half of that oil price drop was erased by the end of the week. The price for U.S. oil settled at $81.27 per barrel, down $2.30 (3 percent) from the week before,” AAA noted.

Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA and the Auto Club Group, said Floridians should expect prices to remain high during the holiday season.

“Gas prices may inch a little lower this week, following the recent declines in the oil and gasoline futures market,” said Jenkins “Despite the setback, significant upward pressure remains in the oil market. Prices are still at 7-year highs and are likely to remain elevated through the holiday season, which will in turn keep upward pressure on prices at the pump.”

The West Palm Beach-Boca Raton area had the most expensive gas in the state with an average price of $3.45 a gallon, followed by Fort Lauderdale at $3.34 a gallon and the Sebastian-Vero Beach at $3.33 a gallon.

Sebring had the least expensive gas in the state with an average of $3.19 a gallon, followed by Punta Gorda at $3.20 a gallon, the Villages at $3.22 a gallon and the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater area at $3.23 a gallon.

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