Al Lawson: $1.6 Million for Lake Henrietta Stormwater Facility Included in Appropriations Bill

U.S. Rep. Al Lawson, D-Fla., announced that he secured inclusion of $1.6 million for Lake Henrietta Stormwater Facility in Leon County in the 2022 House Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee bill.

“This funding will make a critical difference in the lives of people in Florida’s Fifth District by providing major restorations to the 18-year-old Lake Henrietta stormwater facility. This project would involve hydraulic dredging to remove and dispose of sediments, as well as the installation of a debris interceptor. It will also protect the health, safety and welfare of residents by drastically reducing flood risks,” Lawson’s office noted.

“Preserving our environment is of the utmost importance as we confront the challenges of climate change,” Lawson said on Wednesday. “Proper stormwater management plays an essential role in protecting the quality of our water supply.

“This funding will help support and improve this important work being done at Lake Henrietta. It will serve as the long-term solution to reducing sediment and litter from the lake, and improving water quality to Lake Muncon and Wakulla Springs. I will continue to fight for our district to ensure that we get the federal funding we need to make our community stronger,” he added.

The inclusion of this funding in the Appropriations Committee draft bill is the first step in the funding process.


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