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Anna Paulina Luna: Army Corps of Engineers Needs to Finish Sand Key Beach Renourishment

U.S. Rep. Anna Paula Luna, R-Fla., announced she sent “a letter to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers urging that they complete the upcoming Sand Key Beach renourishment project in Pinellas County” and insisted “any delay is unacceptable.”

The new congresswoman offered some details on her letter.

“Army Corps officials are threatening to cancel this project over their demands for perpetual easements from property owners. This unnecessary requirement stands in the way of replenishing our beaches, which are the lifeblood of our economy and home to countless species of wildlife. My letter let the Army Corps know that this new requirement is outrageous; in fact, this beach renourishment project has occurred for decades without perpetual easements and the law has not changed. Army Corps has no right to re-interpret the law after three decades,” she noted.

“Our beaches in Pinellas County are in desperate need of this renourishment project. Without it, flood damages threaten our economy and erosion harms our environment, endangered species, and local wildlife,” Luna added. “The Army Corps must cooperate with Pinellas residents, drop this ridiculous perpetual easement demand, and preserve our beautiful beaches on schedule.


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