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Florida Politics

Around 180 New Florida Laws Begin This Week

Starting this week, new laws ranging from wine bottles to Jeffrey Epstein and Homeowners Association rules take shape this week.

Homeowners’ Associations can’t fine residents for leaving garbage cans out on trash day.

Jeffrey Epstein: Gov. Ron DeSantis will allow the grand jury testimony involving the late multimillionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein to be released to the public.

Strippers will now need to be 21 and older to work in Cabarets.

Teenagers that are between the ages of 16 and 17 will now be allowed to work more than 40 hours a week.

Driver’s License: If you get pulled over and you are driving without a valid license, new penalties take effect. Your first conviction can be a second-degree misdemeanor, followed by a 2nd offense would be a first-degree misdemeanor and your third means a first-degree misdemeanor and 10 days in jail.

Civilian oversight of law enforcement by local municipalities are done with. Instead, the only Civilian Oversight Boards that will happen will be directed by sheriffs and police chiefs who can choose their own members.

Larger bottles of wine can be purchased. Now drinkers can buy up to 15 liters, four gallons, at restaurants and retail locations. State law only allowed 1 gallon to be sold to consumers 

Education: Public school students will now learn communism.

School Chaplains can now serve as volunteers to help council students at school districts and charter schools.

The state now plans to pay $20 million to the 400 survivors of abuse and beatings that happened at the Dozier School for Boys and the Okeechobee School Victim Compensation.

If you feel you are in danger from a bear, new laws says you can shoot them.

Jury duty and Pregnant Women: If you get summoned for jury duty and you are pregnant, you are excused. 

Emergency Insulin Refills. Diabetics that need insulin bit can’t the prescription approved by your doctor. New state law says a pharmacists will be able to provide emergency insulin refills for diabetes patients, with some regulations.


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