Ashley Moody Announces 30-Year Sentence for Georgia Man Trafficking Meth in Florida

This week, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moodys Office of Statewide Prosecution secured a 30-year state prison sentence for a Georgia man trafficking large amounts of methamphetamine in Florida.

On Wednesday, Moody announced the sentencing of James John Kamisky on charges including conspiracy to traffic in methamphetamine and trafficking in more than 1,700 grams of meth along with other related crimes. In addition to the lengthy state prison sentence, Kamisky is also required to pay a $250,000 fine.

“Stopping the influx of deadly drugs into our state is key to helping us prevent addiction and save lives. Meth is an extremely dangerous drug, and we will not allow traffickers to sell this poison to Floridians. A Georgia man tried, but he was arrested and my Statewide Prosecutors made sure he will serve a lengthy sentence behind bars for his crimes,” Moody said.

In 2016, the Orlando Police Department and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration launched an investigation into an organization involved in the distribution of large amounts of meth throughout Central Florida. Investigators identified Kamisky, a 57-year-old man from Georgia, as a supply source bringing large amounts of the drug from Georgia to Florida for distribution. According to the investigation, Kamisky brought a large amount of meth to a local drug trafficker staying at a hotel in Kissimmee.

While the state case moved forward, federal authorities arrested and prosecuted Kamisky for a similar crime—securing a 20-year federal prison sentence.

After completing the federal sentence, Kamisky will be returned to the Florida Department of Corrections to serve the rest of the 30-year state prison sentence. OSP’s David Gillespie prosecuted the state’s case, with the Honorable Luis F. Calderon presiding.

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