Ashley Moody Calls on Congress to Investigate Chinese Regime’s Role in Covering Up Coronavirus

On Monday, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody called on Congress to investigate the Chinese regime’s role in the coronavirus pandemic.

Moody joined 17 other state attorneys general in writing leaders of both congressional chambers and the chairs of the U.S. House and Senate Foreign Relations Committees, in urging an  “investigation into China’s role in covering up its coronavirus crisis and intentionally misleading the international community about the severity of the disease.”

“What did the Communist Party of China know, when did they know it and why did its members participate in a massive conspiracy to cover up and mislead the international community about the severity and highly contagious nature of the novel coronavirus?” Moody asked.

“We need answers and we need them soon. Americans are dying and millions are losing their jobs. We demand to know whether China lied to the world as the coronavirus rapidly traveled from Wuhan to our shores—infecting and killing thousands along the way,” Moody added.

“We must all hold China accountable for the devastation and destruction caused by COVID-19. Tens of thousands have died from the virus and millions have lost their jobs. Countless businesses, both big and small, will perish and our states will grapple with tough economic decisions for years to come,” Moody and the other state attorneys general wrote.

The attorneys general of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia joined Moody in sending the letter.


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