Ashley Moody Honors Auxiliary and Reserve Troopers Across Florida

This week, state Attorney General Ashley Moody presented a Cabinet resolution honoring auxiliary and reserve troopers throughout the state of Florida.

Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary Major Stephen Pigott, with 50 years as a volunteer service member of the FHP Auxiliary, accepted the resolution on behalf of all volunteer law enforcement officers. These volunteer members of law enforcement take as many risks as full-time officers, for no monetary benefit. Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida Cabinet passed the resolution unanimously during a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

“I am proud to serve alongside Florida’s great Florida Highway Patrol Auxiliary troopers. I was so inspired by Major Pigott’s 50 years of service that I wanted to present him with a Cabinet resolution honoring him and all of Florida’s auxiliary volunteers. We owe a debt of gratitude to Major Pigott and Florida’s more than 200 FHP Auxiliary troopers who have donated more than 200,000 hours of service over the last three years. They play a major role in helping build a Stronger, Safer Florida,” Moody said on Tuesday.

Auxiliary and reserve troopers are volunteers who dedicate a minimum required number of hours per quarter or month—the number of hours vary from agency to agency. Most put in well above the minimum hours required, as there are many opportunities to participate in special details and enforcement activities.

Historically, auxiliary and reserve troopers assist in the performance of the daily duties of law enforcement agencies, such as:

  • Patrolling streets and highways;
  • Providing officer back-up;
  • Responding to natural disasters and other emergency situations; and
  • Participating in specialized details.

The FHP Auxiliary is a professionally trained, all volunteer, law enforcement organization dedicated to providing direct assistance and operational support to FHP. The unit is responsible for promoting public safety for the citizens and visitors of Florida.


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