Ashley Moody Hopes to Reach Floridians Through Working With Tax Collectors

This week, state Attorney General Ashley Moody announced a collaboration with the Florida Tax Collectors Association (FTCA) to engage more Floridians on statewide initiatives.

Beginning this week, information and resources about statewide crime-fighting and prevention initiatives, including combating human trafficking and the opioid epidemic, avoiding scams and anonymously reporting crime, will be on display in tax collector offices across Florida.

Alachua County Tax Collector John Power, Clay County Tax Collector Diane Hutchins, Duval County Tax Collector Jim Overton, Nassau County Tax Collector John Drew and Wyllie Hodges of First Coast Crime Stoppers joined Moody at Wednesday’s news conference in Jacksonville to make the announcement.

“I am so excited to join the Florida Tax Collectors Association to help distribute important crime prevention information and resources to even more Floridians. Human trafficking, the opioid abuse and consumer scams affect the lives of Floridians on a daily basis and knowing how to properly respond to each of these unique situations is crucial and, in some instances, could help save a life. I am grateful to each of the Florida tax collector’s offices that will begin displaying information from our office to better engage and educate our communities on these issues that affect all Floridians,” Moody said.

Since taking office, Moody has launched several statewide initiatives to help educate Floridians about ways they can help fight crime and make their communities safer. Through the new collaboration with FTCA, even more Floridians will be reached with these messages.

Information shared through the new partnership includes:

  • How to spot and report human trafficking;
  • The dangers of opioid misuse and where to find help;
  • Resources on new and emerging scams throughout the state; and
  • The Florida Association of Crime Stoppers’ statewide anonymous reporting line.


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