Ashley Moody Launches Thin Line Tribute to Honor Frontline Law Enforcement Officers

State Attorney General Ashley Moody announced on Wednesday that she is launching a new initiative recognizing the work of frontline law enforcement officers.

Moody created the “Thin Line Tribute” to recognize and thank frontline law enforcement officers for their service to the citizens of Florida.

“I am excited to launch Thin Line Tribute, a new initiative through my office designed to recognize the hard work and dedication of our brave frontline law enforcement officers. As the wife of a law enforcement officer, I know personally the amount of care and commitment that goes into this profession. As the dangers surrounding this job seem to increase by the day, I believe it is imperative that we show our law enforcement community just how thankful we are for their service,” Moody said.

In December,  Moody issued a report that showed that officers killed in the line of duty nationwide more than doubled in 2020, compared to the previous year—totaling more than 360 officers lost at year’s end. While line-of-duty deaths are still on the rise in 2021, COVID-19 is no longer the main culprit. An increasing number of officer deaths in Florida are at the hands of violent attacks. Additionally, Florida is currently the deadliest state in the nation for felonious attacks against law enforcement officers this year.

Moody launched the Thin Line Tribute in Plant City with an event scheduled in Belleview on Thursday.


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