Ashley Moody Launches Website Showcasing News About Law Enforcement Officers

This week, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced she is launching a new online resource to honor Florida’s finest.

Hero Headlines” recognizes the gallant actions taken by Florida law enforcement officers. The new webpage is linked to the “Be A Florida Hero” website to promote the latest law enforcement officer headlines. Hero Headlines is a new way to give much-deserved recognition to Florida law enforcement and to show the nation their great work.

“As we bring an end to National Police Week in Florida, I am launching a new webpage to continue highlighting the heroic actions of Florida’s courageous law enforcement officers. Hero Headlines is full of amazing stories of Florida’s finest. These officers go above and beyond the call of duty to protect and serve, and we want to make sure people hear about the good work they are doing. Check it out at,” Moody said.

The webpage can be accessed by clicking on the Hero Headlines tab in the menu bar. The page will keep a list of current news articles that feature heroic actions by officers.

Stories currently on the Hero Headlines page include:

• New Video Shows Hero Trooper Crash into Drunken Driver to Save Skyway 10k Runners
• Caught on Camera: 2 Charlotte County Deputies, Good Samaritan On Video Saving Man from Burning Car
Oakland Officers Broke Windows, Rescued Residents from Burning Home
Hillsborough County Deputy Delivers Doordash Order After Arresting Driver
• Florida Crossing Guard Saves Elementary School Student from Speeding Truck
To view more stories, visit the Hero Headlines webpage by clicking here.

The Be A Florida Hero website is designed to make it easier than ever for someone who is interested in becoming a Florida law enforcement officer to learn about the different agencies, search open positions and find contact information to apply for available jobs. The website includes an interactive map of Florida where users can click on different areas of the state and see exactly where open law enforcement jobs are located. The website also includes in-depth descriptions of each branch of law enforcement in Florida, with contact information for potential job seekers to get in touch with the right agency.

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