Ashley Moody Offers Tips for National Safety Month

With June being National Safety Month, on Tuesday, state Attorney General Ashley Moody called on Floridians to take a proactive approach to personal safety and to support law enforcement officers working to protect their communities.

Moody urged Floridians to take steps to increase personal safety as a way to help law enforcement.

“During National Safety Month, take stock of your general safety routine. Many crimes are crimes of opportunity, so reduce the chances a criminal might have to wrong you—keep your doors locked, try not to walk alone late at night and park in well-lit areas. Be aware of your surroundings and notify law enforcement if you see something suspicious. Our law enforcement officers work so hard to serve and protect our communities, but they can’t be everywhere. Show support and gratitude for the risks they take to protect us all by taking charge of your own personal security,” Moody said.

Moody encouraged Floridians to enhance personal security by following these general safety tips to avoid falling victim to common crime:

  • Be aware of surroundings;
  • Remember there is safety in numbers—when going out, bring a friend or family member along;
  • Do not use headphones at a loud volume if walking alone;
  • Avoid leaving valuables in parked vehicles;
  • Park in well-lit areas;
  • Get in the habit of keeping all windows and doors locked when not in use;
  • Let a family member or friend know of plans and estimated time of arrival and return; and
  • Anonymously report crime to **TIPS (8477).

Recently, Moody announced a new citizen-engagement initiative with the Florida Tax Collectors Association, where information and resources about important statewide crime-fighting and prevention initiatives will be disseminated around the state. Information on combating human trafficking and the opioid epidemic, avoiding scams and anonymously reporting crime, through **TIPS, will now be on display in tax collector offices across Florida.

Moody and the Florida Association of Crime Stoppers recently launched the first statewide crime-reporting phone number. Prior to this action, each county had a separate Crime Stoppers tipline. Now, any Floridian can report crime by simply dialing **TIPS on their cellular device.

Earlier this year, the Attorney General’s Office and FACS announced a near-doubling of award money for anonymous tips in homicide cases that lead to an arrest. The increase takes the maximum allowable award amount from $5,000 to $9,500 for anonymous tips provided to FACS that lead to arrests with the goal of increasing community participation in solving murders.


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