Ashley Moody Warns Floridians About Cyberattacks

On Tuesday, Attorney General Ashley Moody issued a Consumer Alert warning Floridians about potential cyberattacks due to growing tensions in Europe.

This comes on the heels of a warning from Washington, D.C. that Russia is exploring options for a potential attack. Critical infrastructure is thought to be the most likely target of such an attack; however, attacks can be more broad, meaning anyone with information online could be affected—leading to losses in money, private information and use of digital devices.

Moody said, “Cyberattacks are not always narrowly targeted. In fact, many hackers cast wide nets in an effort to steal as much information as possible. With the growing tensions in Europe and new warnings out of Washington, I want to encourage all Floridians to remain diligent in their efforts to protect identities and financial information online.”

Cybersecurity experts know that hackers cast wide nets, often ensnaring small businesses, nonprofits and private citizens when launching these online assaults. Moody warned consumers about the possibility of widespread cyberattacks.

To guard against cyberattacks, Moody recommends that Floridians:

• Use strong passwords and do not use the same password for multiple accounts;
• Use security software, and keep it updated;
• Connect a separate bank account to use online payment apps;
• Do not click on links from unknown senders;
• Closely check a sender’s email address or phone number before responding; and
• Ignore and block illegal robotexts.

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