Ashley Moody Warns of Travel Scams as Florida Gets Ready for Spring Break

With last week being National Consumer Protection Week, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody released a new “Scams at a Glance” resource to help Floridians spot and avoid travel scams.

During the spring break season, many Floridians and tourists will be traveling. Florida is a hot destination where more than 130 million tourists visited in 2022. Unfortunately, scammers know this and may try to exploit consumers, casting a wide net to try and trap unwary travelers. Moody released “Scams at a Glance: Travel Traps” to help consumers avoid falling for fraudsters’ tricks during this busy travel season and beyond.

“As spring break gets underway and we continue to recognize National Consumer Protection Week, I am releasing a new resource to help protect travelers. Scams at a Glance: Travel Traps highlights common schemes designed to rip off tourists, as well as helpful tips to avoid falling victim. Download it for free before you leave on spring break or plan a summer getaway,” said Moody.

Scams at a Glance: Travel Traps highlights some common travel scams:

Vacation-Rental Fraud: Fake postings offering vacation-rental properties created by scammers who take the victim’s money, leaving the traveler without accommodations;

Taxi or Ride-Sharing Scams: Unlicensed or unmetered drivers that operate out of airports or major tourist destinations, charging undisclosed or flat-rate fees that are more expensive than real-metered fares;

Fake-Ticket Scams: Scammers create fake websites, ads or physical tickets to trick visitors into buying worthless entrance passes;

Vehicle-Rental Scams: Damaged sports-rental equipment or vehicles such as jet skis, scooters and boats are rented to tourists and the owner claims the renter damaged the vehicle; and

Credit-Card Skimming: The illegal copying of the magnetic strip of a credit or ATM card—often occurring when a credit card is taken out of sight, or by placing illicit skimming machines on card readers or terminals.

The Florida Attorney General’s Office created Scams at a Glance as an online outreach program detailing information about common and emerging scams. The webpage provides downloadable brochures designed to help Floridians avoid falling victim to fraud. For more information on the Scams at a Glance program, visit

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