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Attorney General Ashley Moody

Ashley Moody Welcomes New Florida Law Enforcement Officers Who Left New York, Illinois and Other States

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody welcomed new Florida officers from Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico and New York with a Sunshine Salute.

According to Moody’s office, since July 2022, nearly 5,000 recruits joined Florida’s law enforcement ranks, including more than 1,200 moving from out-of-state. Four hundred of these officers alone moved from California, Illinois and New York combined.

“Florida is the most pro-law enforcement state in the nation because we back our blue,” Moody said. We’ve been spreading the word about all the great incentives to join our ranks, and individuals like the new Sarasota recruits have answered the call—leaving behind places where their service was not as appreciated as it is here. Hearing their stories, why they made the bold decision to move to our state, I am as inspired as ever to continue doing all we can to show our support to those who bravely protect and serve.”

“This is a law-and-order state. Officers want to be able to do their job,” Sarasota Police Chief Rex Troche said. “There is no better feeling than when you know that you can go out there and be supported in enforcing the law. I’ve talked with officers all around the country and when state attorneys are not assisting them, it makes those officers not want to do their jobs. Thanks to the work of Attorney General Moody and Gov. DeSantis, officers know that when you come to the state of Florida, you are going to be able to do, and be supported in, doing your job.”

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In the latest installment of the Sunshine Salute Series, new SPD recruits told Attorney General Moody’s office why they chose to leave old employers and move to the most pro-law enforcement state in the nation.

Sarasota Police Officer Andrew Capozzi says protecting and serving in New York became increasingly difficult over the past several years, as some leaders turned their backs on law enforcement and flawed criminal justice policies allowed many defendants back out on the street within hours of being arrested.

Sarasota Police Officer Kassidee Plumley told a story about training a rookie officer in New Mexico. The officer had only been with the department for a year and a half before tragically being murdered by a career criminal—who Officer Plumley believes should have never been out of jail.

Sarasota Police Officer Les Kismartoni is grateful to serve in Florida and out of the frigid winters of Chicago. After a more than 20-year-long career as a programmer, Officer Kismartoni decided to make a change and is now sworn in as a law enforcement officer in Florida. Officer Kismartoni discussed a firsthand account of leadership at the local and state level and is appreciative that officers in Florida have the support of the mayor, police chief and Attorney General Moody.

Attorney General Moody launched Thin Line Tribute in 2021 to recognize the daily efforts of front-line officers who work to protect Floridians. Attorney General Moody created Thin Line Tribute to give law enforcement officers the adulation they greatly deserve but may not always receive.

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