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Matt Schellenberg was first elected to the Jacksonville City Council back in 2011 and won a second term in 2015. He was term-limited in 2019.

Time to Focus on Issues, Instead of Name Calling, in Jacksonville

Political opponents need to stop engaging in character assassination. Take Dean Black, the president of the Duval County Republican Party. He accused Tracye Polson, who is currently running for a Jacksonville City Council seat, of...

Florida and Jacksonville Need to Get Serious About Minority Representation During Redistricting

Another ten years has past and, once again, Florida is looking at our leaders engaging in the embarrassing exercise of redistricting at the state and county levels. What are the political parties afraid of? Making...

Leaders Across the Nation Need to Reject California’s Energy, Water and Environmental Policies

Blackouts, brownouts, water shortages and uncontrollable forest fires sound like problems that impact third world countries--but they’re not. California is facing all of these problems and the state’s policies are destroying a once beautiful state....

America’s Lack of Leadership on Full Display With Vaccination Policies

Lance Morrow’s recent piece in the Wall Street Journal "Living in the Age of Stupidity” echos precisely how most citizens feel about the lack of leadership in politics. We certainly are seeing a lack of...

Joe Biden’s Decision to Extend Evictions is Against the Law

Where have we come as a society that we have allowed the president to make a decision about waving evictions when he knows it is against the law? President Joe Biden knowingly extended the eviction...

The Infrastructure Bill Shows All That’s Wrong With Congress

Who writes a bill of more than 2,700 pages? You might think about Putin at the Politburo or maybe Xi and other communist leaders in China but you would be wrong. The 2,700 page proposal came...

Jacksonville Needs to Invest in People, Quality of Life, Not Throwing More Taxpayer Dollars...

The world is changing faster than government ever recognizes. Duval County has a chance to be a leader in the new economy, by recognizing that people are the key to a better future. It’s time the city government recognizes this.