Barney Bishop: Is Joe Biden the Manchurian Candidate in 2020?

In‭ ‬1959‭ ‬Richard Condon published a book called The Manchurian Candidate.‭  ‬According to Wikipedia,‭ ‬it was a novel‭ “‬about the son of a prominent political family who is brainwashed into being an unwitting assassin for a Communist conspiracy.‭”

Fast forward to‭ ‬2020‭ ‬and it is very possible that Communist China and its murderous henchmen have been grooming Joe Biden,‭ ‬via Hunter Biden since he was the vice president and brought his son to Beijing to make unfathomable financial deals that will financially benefit the Biden family–and perhaps put him in a box if he gets elected president.

If Biden wins,‭ ‬he may be beholden to his financial masters,‭ ‬perhaps even extorted,‭ ‬in the Far East. Since Biden hasn’t said a peep about the danger,‭ ‬both strategically and financially,‭ ‬that the Hidden Kingdom represents to our country, we are left to wonder if he will be able to govern freely.

On Thursday night,‭ ‬former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., revealed that on his tax returns,‭ the former vice president ‬documented that he had been paid more than‭ ‬$900,000‭ ‬from the Biden Institute,‭ which has been reportedly ‬funded by Communist China to the tune of‭ ‬$70 million‭ ‬at the University of Pennsylvania.‭  ‬In combination with the‭ ‬$1.5‭ billion ‬deal that Hunter inked with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China in‭ ‬2013,‭ ‬for which he had no credible talents except for his ability to influence his father‭ – ‬and interestingly share with‭ “‬The Big Guy‭” ‬-‭ ‬various percentages of his earnings.

This criminal enterprise is the news of the year‭ – ‬it is the October Surprise we all expected but just didn’t know what it would be. However, the Mainstream Media is in collusion with Biden and his family by essentially ignoring,‭ ‬burying and excusing his behavior.

NBC News on Thursday night finally spent a couple of minutes about this burning hot issue and immediately labeled the charges‭ – ‬which are backed up not only with emails from Hunter’s laptop but now with the admission by Hunter’s former business partner Tony Bubulinski,‭ ‬a former officer in the Navy‭ ‬-‭ ‬questionable.‭  ‬NBC put up graphics that notes the emails are unverified‭ – ‬which they never used when no emails about Russian interference was charged against President Donald Trump‭ – ‬and that a number of ex-intelligence officials claim that this is another example of a Russian hoax,‭ ‬the same Deep State Hillary Clinton-loving,‭ ‬Democratic-aligned officials.

Never mind that to-date,‭ ‬Joe Biden has yet to declare unequivocally,‭ ‬that these emails are false.‭ He simply claims that this is a‭ “‬smear‭” ‬on his family,‭ ‬which is not a denial,‭ ‬but an inference that it is true. He simply perceives it as a smear.

The obvious collusion by the Mainstream Media is deafening in its collective unwillingness to dig deep,‭ ‬investigate,‭ ‬or analyze these most serious charges ever leveled in the waning days of a presidential contest.‭

These charges,‭ ‬if they were ever deeply investigated, could show that because of financial greed we might be electing a treasonous person as president whose foreign interest is not compatible with  American security interests.‭  ‬The lack of serious,‭ ‬penetrating questioning by mainstream reporters is protecting the Bidens and failing to report to Americans so that we can decide for ourselves.‭  ‬The only media outlets that have fully reported on this is the‭ ‬New York Post and‭ ‬Fox News,‭ ‬both of which can be sued for libel if this turns out to be untrue. However, Biden and his family have not even offered the threat of a lawsuit.

For the first time since the founding of our country in‭ ‬1776‭ ‬the so-called Fourth Estate,‭ ‬which is honestly no longer entitled to that moniker,‭ ‬has become so monolithic in its propaganda‭ – ‬it is no longer journalistic reporting because the reporters are busy infusing their‭ “‬stories‭” ‬with their liberal dogma‭ – ‬that this is starting to rival what Adolf Hitler,‭ ‬Joseph Stalin,‭ ‬Mao Zedong,‭ ‬and Fidel Castro enjoyed except that they had to physically take control of the mass media.

With Silicon Valley controlling,‭ ‬through censorship of only conservative thought, 99 percent‭ ‬of social media platforms,‭ ‬we are witnessing the plotting and scheming to control everything communicated to Americans who are just as susceptible as any other populace.‭  Liberal ‬Hollywood elites are only too happy to join the Biden camp to preach from their exalted thrones about the cultural values of a corrupt,‭ ‬sexist‭ ‬and‭ ‬deviant group of individuals who pop pills,‭ ‬see therapists‭ ‬and drink to excess.

Now professional athletes think that Americans are as interested in their liberal babbling as they are in their sporting achievements.‭  ‬Extremely well-paid‭ ‬and pampered athletes now disrespect our flag and our country,‭ ‬wear t-shirts with the face of communist guerilla Che Guevara and promote basketball in communist North Korea,‭ instead of‬ sticking to what they are paid to do,‭ ‬play a game.

In sum,‭ ‬between the colluding and deceptive Mainstream Media,‭ ‬the thought-controlling social media platforms,‭ ‬the venal Hollywood elites‭ ‬and the whining,‭ ‬overpaid professional athletes who couldn’t earn the money that they do in any other country,‭ Trump has more than his share of enemies. If President Trump wins on November‭ ‬3, he will have had to overcome the Deep State and the illiberal progressives to save our very country.

Last month, the Gallup poll showed that Americans’ distrust of the Mainstream Media has only intensified since first asking about the topic in‭ ‬1972.‭  In ‬1997,‭ ‬a majority of Americans–53 percent–had‭ “‬trust and confidence‭” ‬in the mass media to report‭ “‬the news fully,‭ ‬accurately and fairly.” That has now dropped to just‭ ‬40 percent.

America’s future, including whether it can overcome the insistent and pervasive foreign influence in its election process, is at stake,‭ ‬more so than ever before in our‭ ‬244-year proud history.‭  ‬If a Manchurian candidate like Joe Biden is lurking in our future and‭ ‬beholden to a foreign country‭ – ‬perhaps countries depending on what deals Hunter Biden has consummated‭ – ‬our country may very well fall from within, not from abroad.


Barney Bishop III is a self-described conservative Democrat.‭  ‬He is the former executive director of the Florida Democratic Party,‭ ‬the immediate past Chief Executive Officer of Associated Industries of Florida,‭ ‬founded in‭ ‬1920,‭ ‬and known as‭ “t‬he Voice of Florida Business.‭”  ‬He is now the CEO of Barney Bishop Consulting and he can be reached at‭ ‬

Barney Bishop III
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