The Mainstream Media (MSM) has rendered its collective judgment and Joe Biden is now president-elect of the United States.  Except that more than 70 million Donald Trump voters do not buy it for a millisecond.

Trust the MSM?  We’d rather be forced to watch repeats of Kamala’s vice presidential debate until we throw up.

The MSM has been part of a cabal that has tried to wrap this presidential present up in a neat, tight package for Sleepy Joe from the beginning.  The MSM and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have been working overtime, in cahoots for months now, preaching the storyline that Joe is the next chosen one.  He may not always know who he is, or where he is, or why he is, but his handlers will provide a handy teleprompter for his use 24/7.

As we all know, the media is not the final arbiter of who is president.  The Electoral College, that entity that the Democrats have despised for four years and threatened to abolish, is one of the final steps in certifying the election after the individual states certify their vote totals.

And, of course, there’s always that pesky little group called the Supreme Court of the United States which may still have a role to play.

As for Trump conceding, we are told by the media moguls that no president has ever refused to do so.  But no president has ever had to deal with constant claims of illegitimacy from the day he was elected, an improperly predicated Russian hoax investigation perpetrated by James Comey, James Clapper and John Brennan and laughable impeachment charges trumped-up by Nancy Pelosi who won’t follow the mask rules when no one is watching.

After all of that, all of the lies propagated by the MSM/Democrat junta, including the refusal to call rioting and looting anything other than peaceful protests, we are now told to be calm, to trust the process–aka the Deep State–lower the temperature, and to support Joey and Kammy.

Despite frequent reports, explored only by Fox News by the way, there are eyewitnesses to tampering by election officials in Democratic states.  No one is going to trust an election in which election officials in Michigan put up cardboard over the windows so that election observers couldn’t see what was going on. Americans are not going to trust the results of an election after Pennsylvania election officials refusing to allow Republican vote observers any closer than 25 feet until a federal judge allowed them to be within six feet. While that was not adhered to, six feet is still not sufficient to observe ballots. All of this allows corrupt election officials to taint the results.  If there was nothing to hide, there would be no reason to hide the process!

People whose signatures don’t match may have voted in Nevada. Ballots may never be counted in Arizona. Georgia can’t even competently count millions of paper ballots because, somehow, officials didn’t know there would be a crush of mail-in ballots despite orders from Biden to his supporters.  And, we are supposed to trust these results?

If you objectively look at all these issues, any rational person that was not a Biden supporter or a Trump lover would easily conclude that all of this merits a closer investigation.  But we will not get to the truth by the time that the Electoral College–I understand that AOC is now demanding free tuition–meets or the Supreme Court makes a final decision.  However, we will find out more soon as details leak out and additional proof is discovered.

Biden’s election reeks of illegitimacy far more than Trump’s did back in 2016. Almost half of all Americans are not going to believe that Biden won this election fair and square.  The main difference is that Trump supporters are not going to riot, burn, pillage, loot and shoot despite not getting the outcome they want.

The real reward will be the Far Left and Progressives fighting, literally fighting, to ensure that America turns radically towards Marxism and socialism. When and if Biden doesn’t appoint who they want or doesn’t support their legislation, there will be hell to pay.  Trump supporters will relish the moments when the Far Left, BLM and Antifa eat their own!

The only good news is that likely the two U.S. Senate runoffs in Georgia Senate will go for the Republicans who are now fully aware of Atlanta ballot-stuffing.  With the Senate in Republican hands, if the caucus can stay together and vote as a group, they can stop some bad proposals, including growing the Supreme Court or allowing Puerto Rico or DC to become new states.  This means that the elections in 2022 will be a referendum on Biden/Harris–and it could even be uglier than this election cycle.

Fraud has occurred.  There will be proof of it for all to see.  But whether it will be proved in short order is a tough assignment.  No amount of pleading by Biden and his allies is going to make this go away.

Even Biden’s request for everyone to wear face masks is going to fall on deaf ears–not because people do not want to do what he says but because they believe a free country cannot impinge on their individual rights.  Biden’s willingness to listen to scientists that are advising him and then proclaiming new restrictions on Americans will also be ignored. Any national shutdown attempt will be forcibly rebutted.

A president cannot lead if they do not have the trust and faith of the people–and Biden only has the support of a little over one half of the country.  The way this election was won is not going to be swept under the rug despite what the MSM/Democrat junta desires.  There will be a new resistance. It will not be violent but it will be lethal in its profound belief that a Biden presidency is illicit.

America has been damaged to its core beliefs.  God, country, our military and our law enforcement officers will become more disrespected and marginalized.  Just remember that when the Far Left pushes us too far, the consequences will be unfathomable.


Barney Bishop III is a conservative Democrat, and a former executive director of the Florida Democratic Party.  He is the immediate past CEO of Associated Industries of Florida, founded in 1920, and known as “The Voice of Florida Business.”  He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Barney Bishop Consulting, LLC, based in Tallahassee.  He can be reached at


Barney Bishop III
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