Bias in College Education Concerns Floridians

With Christmas break around the corner for Florida college students, the topic of higher education, including its costs and passing rates, remains a hot discussion among talk radio listeners in the Sunshine State.

In recent weeks, “college indoctrination” or “education bias” has become a hot topic, says Jacksonville’s WBOB Talk Radio News Director Roger Henderson.

Henderson is referring to a recent report covered by the Wall Street Journal on how most college students across the nation say they are afraid to differ with their college professors in class based on social and political topics.

Republican pollster McLaughlin and Associates, on behalf of Yale’s William F. Buckley, Jr. Program, conducted a nationwide online survey of 800 full-time undergraduates that attended public and private four-year universities.

According to the report, college students were asked if they felt their college professors or course instructors have used class time to express their own social or political beliefs that were completely unrelated to the subject of the course.

The response: 52 percent of college students said yes, this occurs “often” inside the classroom.

A slight majority–53 percent–also said that they often “felt intimidated” in sharing their ideas, opinions or beliefs in class because they were different from those of their professors and were publicly afraid to share those differences.

A majority of those surveyed–54 percent– said they were afraid to even disagree with their own college classmates.

WBOB’s Henderson said he was very surprised by that number.

“I can understand that you want to be on the good gracious of your college professor, but to feel you have to be quiet amongst your college peers because you may have a simple difference of opinion with your classmate is a little scary,” he said.

What happened to free speech, asked Henderson. On that issue, the same poll found 79 percent of respondents supported respecting the First Amendment.


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