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Biden Administration Will Give Out 10,000 IDs to Illegal Immigrants This Year

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A record number of illegals coming into the U.S. isn’t stopping the Biden Administration’s latest decision to distribute ID cards to illegal immigrants.

Calling it a “pilot program,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will begin rolling out its Secure Docket Card Program this summer. The program will provide cards to around 10,000 illegal immigrants living in the U.S., and the White House says the program will blend illegals into society instead of enforcing our immigration laws.

According to the procedures described for the Secure Docket Card Program, ICE issues an ID card containing a photo, identifying information, and security details to an immigrant after they enter the United States illegally. The measures are to ensure the immigrant must check-in for immigration court. But these same IDs also allow illegals to board air flights to fly throughout the country.

The Biden Administration says the process is needed because many illegal aliens who enter the U.S. provide false information and identification documents, making it difficult for ICE agents to gather accurate information.

Democrats love the programs, but Republicans say its open for abuse, particularly when the ID is issued to an illegal, they could use it to gain government benefits from taxpayer’s expense.

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Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) says the Secure Docket Card Program is nonsensical when U.S. citizens must obtain a federally compliant REAL ID. The REAL ID Act, which was passed by Congress in 2005 following the September 11 terrorist attacks.

To obtain a REAL ID, US citizens must provide documentation showing their full legal name, date of birth, Social Security number, two proofs of address, and lawful status.

“Every American citizen was required through this process to obtain a REAL ID and board commercial flights, but the Secure Docket Card Program will likely allow illegal aliens to board aircraft without officials really knowing who they are. Ultimately, the Secure Docket Card Program is a tool the Biden Administration will use to further entrench its open-borders policies. By giving illegal aliens government-issued photo IDs, the Administration is making it easier for illegal aliens to live and work in the U.S., and in reality, rewarding them for breaking the law,” said FAIR.


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