Blaise Ingoglia Wants Term Limits for County Commissioners, School Board Members Across Florida

Last week, state Sen. Blaise Ingoglia, R-Spring Hill, filed a bill that seeks to introduce eight-year term limits for both school board members and county commissioners in the state of Florida starting with the election in 2022.

If passed, this will move the current law for school board members from 12-year term limits to eight-year term limits. Currently, there are no term limits for county commissioners.

“Serving in the same position in government should not be a decades long endeavor. Term limits not only ensure better representation, they bring about much needed fresh ideas to tackle public policy challenges. For too long, the lack of term limits have hindered the ability of communities to develop the next set of leaders. It’s time to change course. SB 1110 is necessary and will bring about decisive improvement in accountability in local government,” Ingoglia said.

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