Carlos‭ ‬Giménez: Despite Misleading on Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Law,‭ ‬the Parents Still Won

From the very introduction of the GOP-led Parental Rights in Education legislation,‭ ‬the media went to bat for the radical left by calling it the‭ “‬Don’t Say Gay‭” ‬bill.‭ ‬In reality,‭ ‬nowhere in the short seven-page bill does it say you can’t‭ “‬say gay.‭” ‬However,‭ ‬that didn’t stop the media from running with a false narrative and deploying wall-to-wall coverage manipulating the bill turned law.

The corporate media insisted on spreading disinformation about‭ ‬what the‭ ‬Parental Rights in Education Act‭ ‬does and the motivations behind it.‭ ‬Nothing underscores that bias more than when,‭ ‬on two separate occasions,‭ ‬a reporter was called out for pushing false narratives by Gov. Ron DeSantis,‭ ‬who asked a reporter to point to where it says you can’t‭ “‬say gay‭” ‬in the law,‭ ‬to which the reporter was speechless.

The Governor’s Office‭ ‬even‭ ‬created‭ ‬a website‭ ‬entitled‭ “‬Just Read The Bill,‭” ‬which was launched‭ ‬for reporters to‭ ‬read for themselves the bill text directly,‭ ‬and thus,‭ ‬give them the tools necessary to report‭ ‬accurately.‭ ‬So intense was the corporate media’s commitment to sparking fake outrage,‭ ‬they ignored the facts surrounding the legislation and continued to beat the drum of wokeness with the mission to destroy Republicans in an election year.‭

Despite the media’s election-time tactics,‭ ‬the impetus behind the Parental Rights in Education Law never changed.‭ ‬The law was always focused on one very important thing:‭ ‬protecting parental rights and children.‭ ‬It‭ ‬ensures parents have the right to make crucial decisions about their children and what is being taught in the classroom. The law also requires school districts to notify parents about changes in their child’s health and blocks schools from withholding information.‭ ‬It takes power out of the hands of the government elite and the centralized state and puts it in the hands of the parents,‭ ‬right where it belongs.

Parents are tired of being ostracized from their children’s education.‭ ‬Democrats both in Tallahassee and in Washington have sent a message to parents that their involvement in their child’s education is not only unwelcome but in the case of Biden’s Department of Justice,‭ ‬can even be considered domestic terrorism.

It’s no wonder an overwhelming majority of Americans support the GOP law.‭ ‬As more and more Republican-led states follow Florida’s example,‭ ‬manipulative maneuvers to take away rights from parents are being thwarted at every turn.‭ ‬The next time the corporate media laughs off claims of biased or unfair reporting on conservatives,‭ ‬show them the text of Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law and then compare that with the never-ending supply of‭ “‬don’t say gay‭” ‬headlines or the breathless reporting on MSNBC and CNN misinterpreting the bill’s text.‭ ‬The media’s reconfiguration of a bill that simply puts power in the hands of parents and allows children to learn things appropriate for their grade level was misconstrued by the media and taken advantage of by woke corporations,‭ ‬misinformed Democrats and corporate news ‬pundits.
In hindsight,‭ ‬it’s easy for common-sense Americans to see where the media went wrong on the Parental Rights in Education law,‭ ‬but the problem‭ ‬remains,‭ ‬the corporate media will never apologize for its false reporting or the harm caused.‭ ‬Worst of all:‭ ‬the media won’t make any commitments to fair reporting in the future.‭ ‬Thankfully,‭ ‬because the Republican Party remained focused on ensuring parental rights were at the forefront‭ – ‬not on the media’s smear campaign‭ – ‬and parents were victorious.
U.S. Rep. Carlos Giménez, R-Fla., was elected to Congress in 2020.
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