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Casey DeSantis Announces Free Substance Abuse Curriculum for Florida Schools

Last week, First Lady Casey DeSantis announced the launch of a free substance abuse curriculum for schools in the form of a ‘School Assemblies Toolkit’ through Florida’s “The Facts. Your Future.” campaign.

This program directly engages youth in Florida to improve their understanding of the life-altering effects of drug abuse and empowers teens to reach their full potential.

“With the heartbreaking overdose death statistics we’re witnessing across the country, and as a mom of three, I want Florida’s youth to know they have the power to resist and overcome drug use and abuse,” said First Lady DeSantis. “Our The Facts. Your Future. initiative is reinventing the way substance abuse prevention is taught in our schools. It’s not “Just Say No” — it’s “Just Say No and Here’s Why.” Together with community partners, schools can use this toolkit to give kids proper context and perspective on the dangers of drug use.”

The ‘School Assemblies Toolkit’ provides schools with free content to engage in Florida’s The Facts. Your Future. initiative through interactive, hands-on elements that can be incorporated throughout the school year. The toolkit contains materials such as fact sheets, conversation maps, and a school assembly template to guide schools in hosting their own events. Schools are encouraged to partner with local law enforcement and others in their communities to host dynamic, multimedia assemblies that will share real life scenarios and science-based facts about substance abuse.

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“The resources in this toolkit are essential for helping schools prevent substance abuse among our youth,” said state Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo. “Giving students the facts through interactive assemblies will help ensure students know that engaging in substance abuse at a young age can severely impact their development, health, and futures. The First Lady’s initiative continues to evolve to address the health needs of Florida’s students at such a critical time in their lives.”

“First Lady Casey DeSantis has devoted much of her time and effort traveling across the state speaking to parents, students, and survivors to better understand how Florida can help provide their children with opportunities for a better future,” said state Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran. “This toolkit is a direct result of her dedication to Florida’s 2.9 million K-12 public school students and will be a valuable resource for our schools to utilize in their efforts to educate students regarding the dangers of drug abuse.”

As Florida’s “The Facts. Your Future.” initiative expands, schools will be provided additional resources to engage and equip students with tools they need to make decisions about their health and future.


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