Casey DeSantis Launches New Website to Help Spread Information on Cancer Treatment

This week, First Lady Casey DeSantis launched “an initiative that focuses on providing information on cancer treatment, caregiver tools, and stories from brave Floridians who have fought this disease on one centralized website.”

First Lady DeSantis, Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Sec. Simone Marstiller, Dr. Scot Ackerman and cancer survivors appeared in Jacksonville to launch Florida Cancer Connect.

During the announcement, the first lady referenced her own battle with cancer.

“When I was going through my cancer fight, I saw the need for a centralized hub that housed everything patients and caretakers could need while dealing with this disease,” she said. “Florida Cancer Connect arms Floridians with valuable knowledge while instilling hope into the lives of those facing cancer by sharing positive survivor stories. Our mission with this website is simple – make the cancer battle easier and instill hope in those fighting.”

“The Florida Cancer Connect website, which is continuing to grow, offers current tools that help Floridians: understand cancer research and prevention programs, locate a health care provider specializing in cancer care, navigate the complexities of cancer-related insurance coverage, obtain caregiver resources, and hear from the brave Floridians who have fought this disease,” the governor’s office noted.

“Floridians across our state have been impacted by cancer in some way, whether it be from their own battle or that of a loved one. Florida Cancer Connect will serve as an excellent resource for all Florida families to find the knowledge, help, and support they need no matter where they are in their cancer journey,” said Marstiller. “I applaud First Lady Casey DeSantis for embracing her own personal battle and using that experience to improve the life of every Floridian.”

“For over 30 years I have had the opportunity to serve our community by treating cancer patients and I am joined here today by our incredible staff and former patients who are really resilient cancer survivors,” said Ackerman. “Cancer screening plays a crucial role in preventing cancer and diagnosing cancer early. Diagnosing cancer early makes it easier to treat and gives us as a better chance to cure our patients. Today we heard about improvements in access to cancer treatment options and access to cancer resources and these will lead to better outcomes for all Floridians.”

Kevin Derby
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