Scammers are targeting students via emails that appear to be sent from a college or university advertising fictitious work-from-home employment opportunities. The scammers obtain personal information from the student while posing as a university representative. Savvy scammers convince students to cash counterfeit checks and send them the money.
A recently published study listed Florida as the third-highest state for murder-suicide deaths and cases in the country last year, behind Texas and California. According to the recent study called "The American Roulette," by the nonprofit Violence Policy Center, 663...
The arrest comes after a long-running feud between homeowners and the association management at Turnberry Reserve, a homeowner’s association in complete turmoil.
The Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse has been the target of repeated attacks by left-wing extremists over the past year. The senators are also requesting information on efforts the agencies have made to investigate, arrest and prosecute the individuals who have terrorized the city of Portland for the past year.
“The bill is named after Harmony Allen, of Port St. Lucie, Fla., who was raped during her third month in the Air Force by her instructor," Mast’s office noted.
While no charity fraud complaints have been filed with the Attorney General's Office at this time, Moody offered a reminder to anyone donating to the victims of the Surfside building collapse to remain alert and on guard against scammers looking to exploit this disaster for personal gain.
Moody and 37 other attorneys general filed suit against Google and her office explained the rationale behind the decision on Thursday.