Thursday, August 13, 2020
The Sunshine State is finally back in business after years of stagnation and uncertainty — and Florida’s future is blazing brighter than ever thanks to Donald Trump’s rejuvenating policies. 
Jimmy Patronis addressed the Career Source Florida Leaders Policy Forum where he discussed the importance of growing Financial Technology’s (FinTech) footprint in Florida.
Good Business Colorado is hoping to make inroads in Florida by focusing on the rights of LGBTQ workers in the Sunshine State.
With more than 1.5 million veterans in the Sunshine State, Florida is looking to ease their entrance into higher education.
“Le Jardin Community Center provides low-income children and families of diverse backgrounds opportunities to learn, develop, and increase their likelihood of success in the future,” the congresswoman’s office noted. 
The governor’s office offered some of the details on the new program which starts on March 2.
Spano announced the funds through Community Planning and Development Program Formula Allocations and noted it represented a $657,078 increase from the last fiscal year. 
Industry analysts say Florida has emerged as the nation’s fourth-largest market for electric vehicle (EV) sales. 
The study also finds that PBMs are negotiating in secret to determine which medications will be covered by insurance plans and frequently pocketing the savings.
While Florida remains under the national average of $2.44 a gallon, Mark Jenkins, a spokesman, for AAA and the Auto Club Group, warned that prices at the pump should rise soon.