Friday, December 4, 2020
Democrats and their allies are trying to tie Salazar to President Donald Trump while the GOP and its supporters are bashing Shalala for holding an event with U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif. who has been supportive of the communist regime in Cuba.
Vaughn, a speaker and the author of the bestseller “World Changer: A Mother's Story,” stressed Cadwell’s conservatism as she backed him.
The convention will be held from August 24 through August 27.
Rubio becomes the second Republican holding statewide office to support Spano’s congressional bid.
Abrams became a national star for Democrats after almost winning the Georgia gubernatorial race in 2018, a post her party has not held since 2002. She had three stops in Florida this week, hitting Daytona Beach, Orlando and Eatonville, a small town in Central Florida famous for being the first incorporated all African-American city in the United States.
Scott‘s team punched back on Thursday with a press release insisting “Bill Nelson hires DC lawyer to steal election.” 
Hispanic voters have to make an important choice in the upcoming presidential election — we can either support a man whose policies have brought us unprecedented prosperity or back a political party that will actively work to undermine our success.
Scott becomes the first governor to win a Senate seat in more than half a century. 
Voters should have a clear understanding what each Amendment will mean to the citizens of Florida because what we pass will be embedded in the state Constitution and very hard to change if we find out the amendment did more harm than good. 
While the generic ballot favors the Democrats, not all is lost for the Republicans. The same poll shows Republicans are starting to come alive and close the enthusiasm gap that has been favoring the Democrats. In fact, the poll shows it’s almost even.