Sunday, June 13, 2021
Trump and O’Reilly will be taking part in the “History Tour,” in which Trump “will provide a never before heard inside view of his administration.”
Scott introduced the resolution at the end of last month with the support of U.S. Sens. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., and Mike Braun, R-Ind. 
Funding from FEMA’s Public Assistance program will provide reimbursements to Bay County, the Florida Department of Corrections and the Family of God Baptist Church.
Cammack weighed in on the port after her tour of it on Friday. 
First responders are more likely to develop PTSD compared to the general public due to their exposure to significant traumatic incidents incurred in the line of duty.
“Ensuring that American farmers have an advantage over foreign competition and are not burdened by counterproductive federal regulations is vital for Florida’s agricultural industry,” Steube said at the end of last week. “My team and I will continue to advocate for Florida’s farmers and ranchers as they navigate these challenges moving forward.”
“The spirit of service in Florida is unmatchable. We have so many incredible organizations and individuals committed to helping others and making our state the best place in the nation to work, raise a family and live your dreams. My wife, Ann, and I are honored to support the selfless service and missions of Liberty Youth Ranch, Advance Senior Center, Guadalupe Center, and the ALS Association as they tirelessly work to help Floridians, from children to seniors, lead happy lives,” Scott said. 
The main reason for this surge in fake vaccine cards has been the economy reopening, including tourist destinations across Florida.
Since Patronis took office in 2017, more than $1.2 billion has been returned to Floridians in Unclaimed Property.