Congressman Carlos Giménez: Biden Tells Americans, When it Comes to My Crises, Avert Your Eyes

There’s been nothing but laughter, condescension and gaslighting from an administration overseeing a supply chain crisis like Americans have “never seen before,” a nearly 40-year inflation high and a record-breaking border crisis. Joe Biden’s playbook for dealing with his multiple crises has been to tell Americans to avert their eyes from what they’re seeing in stores and at the border and accept his out-of-touch view of what we’re experiencing thanks to his failures.

Small businesses and consumers alike are grappling with a supply chain crisis negatively affecting “nearly every aspect of life.” Food banks are suffering from a lack of food, charities are finding it difficult to provide for those in need and pharmacies are “hurting” with some even “closing for good” because of backordered medicines. 75 percent of small businesses are also dealing with higher supply costs. At the same time, Biden tells you the supply chain crisis that his failed policies created is improving even though you are seeing empty shelves and can’t find the things you always used to buy.

For working families, Bidenflation feels like a permanent “insidious tax on lower and middle-income people in this country.” The latest report from the Consumer Price Index showed the largest inflation year increase since 1982. The price of food increased by a whopping 6.1 percent with food and energy components having the fastest 12-month gains in at least 13 years. Meanwhile, Biden tries to tell you that the hole in your pocket isn’t real and that when you struggle to afford the necessities, you’re just dealing with a “high class problem.” To no one’s surprise, the price hikes Biden promised were transitory turned out to be not so and his claim that prices are moving in “a good direction” is at odds with what Americans experience at the grocery store and at the gas pump every day.

Biden’s detachment from reality spans from bare shelves, to astronomical grocery store prices, to the southern border where he has consistently lied about the realities of the crisis when he’s not outright ignoring it. November estimates show that there’s been more than 1.7 million border encounters since Biden took office. While Joe Biden actively emboldens drug cartels and strains community resources with his open borders agenda, he’s telling you his border crisis is simply “seasonal” even when border crossings actually reached their highest levels. He lies and says his border crisis is improving, when American citizens are being murdered by illegal immigrants crossing an open border.

The shocking disparity between what Joe Biden and Democrats are telling the American people and what is actually happening only widens as Biden continues to break all the wrong economic and immigration records. It is clear just how far Biden’s strayed from his promise to “always level” with the American people. He’s being anything but straight with us when he continuously downplays his supply chain crisis, the crushing level of inflation and a border crisis with the “worst” number of illegal crossings. At last, Biden may be right on one thing. His strategy of telling Americans to avert their eyes from his trifecta of crises is his only reprieve from a failed presidency.

U.S. Rep. Carlos Giménez, R-Fla., was first elected to Congress in 2020.

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