Congressman Greg Steube: President Trump’s Great American Comeback is a Win for Florida’s Families

In 2016, Donald Trump made a bold promise to all Americans that he would “Make America Great Again.” In the nearly four years since he assumed office, President Trump has used the full force of the executive branch to deliver on his promise.

Prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the United States created 6.7 million jobs across the country, including 624,000 jobs in Florida alone. This growth lifted up all Americans, including securing historic positive trends for the Black community, Hispanics and women.

Now post-pandemic shutdown, President Trump has reignited the national economy as nearly 12 million jobs have been added back to the economy in the last five months and 40 percent of jobs lost to the shutdown have been recreated. Just in September, our country saw an addition of 661,000 jobs, bringing the total number of jobs created over the last two months to two million. Further, consumer confidence rebounded with the largest gain in seventeen years.

This amazing snapback for the economy is despite heavy headwinds created by the Democrats. Democrat governors, mayors and their frontman presidential candidate, Joe Biden, continue to use the virus to lock down the economy for political advantage. Yet, despite all of the challenges faced by President Trump, his pro-growth job-creating policies are 2.5 times better than any of the one-month gains during Joe Biden’s era of anemic economic “recovery.”

More recovery progress is possible if not for Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi playing games and failing to negotiate in good faith. President Trump and congressional Republicans continue to work tirelessly to provide new sources of COVID-19 relief for all small business owners and hardworking American families.

They have already acted swiftly to provide the necessary support and security to all Americans by signing the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, which fired up the American economy and granted necessary relief packages to these small businesses and families. In the Sunshine State, the Paycheck Protection Program extended a $32 billion lifeline to over 393,000 small businesses and supported the paychecks of over 3.2 million Floridians.

In stark contrast, Joe Biden’s history of economic defeat is only destined to continue if he is elected. For context, during the Biden-led era of economic “recovery” following the Great Recession, it took two years to build back 40 percent of jobs lost and inspired little hope for a better future. President Trump accomplished that in four months and at every turn gives Americans hope that the future will be bright.

Further, after unemployment skyrocketed in 2010, it took the Obama-Biden administration well over four years to add 9 million jobs, whereas President Trump with his America First agenda needed just five months to bring back nearly 12 million good American jobs.

Democrat Joe Biden’s economic policies would derail the Great American Comeback launched by President Trump in Florida. Joe Biden has stated that his first actions in office will be to raise taxes and repeal the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, resulting in a $4 trillion dollar tax hike for families, small businesses and middle-class Floridians. His plan to “save” our economy would most certainly shrink the economy by 1.5 percent, eliminate 585,000 jobs and cause 82 percent of Americans to see their taxes go up.

Democrats continue to paint a despair-filled dark picture of this country’s future in the face of COVID-19. Meanwhile, President Trump has been optimistic and confident of his second-term agenda, which includes bolstering the economy with 10 million more jobs in 10 months. The only darkness here is the idea that Joe Biden has any chance to cripple the country through ill-advised economic policy and continued lockdown.

The incredible progress made over the last several months demonstrates that a rapid recovery is underway. This November, Floridians have an easy decision to make: pursue the Great American Comeback with President Trump, or follow Democrat Joe Biden and the radical leftist agenda that would wipe-out businesses and crush the livelihoods of millions.


U.S. Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., was elected to Congress in 2018 after serving in the Florida House of Representatives.


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