Democrats Prefer Socialism Over Capitalism, Fox News Poll Shows

A Fox News poll released earlier this month shows a growing majority of Democratic voters prefer socialism over capitalism.

A majority of Democrats surveyed–59 percent-have a favorable of socialism. While 44 percent of Democrats see capitalism in an unfavorable light, only 31 percent of them view socialism unfavorably.

Fox News asked the same question in a February 2020 poll which showed 50 percent of Democrats said they had a positive view of capitalism and 40 percent of them viewed socialism favorably.

Polls have picked up on a growing trend of more Democrats favoring socialism over the past few years.

In August 2020, a Hill-Harris poll, found 56 percent of Democrats saw socialism favorably while 53 percent viewed capitalism favorably.

While more voters saw capitalism as better than socialism, younger Americans are starting to view socialism more favorably with a slim majority–52 percent–of voters under 35 seeing it positively.

In August 2018, a Gallup poll found for the first time more Democrats viewed socialism favorably than those who viewed capitalism in a favorable light.

In the 2018 poll, 47 percent of Democrats viewed capitalism positively, down from 56 percent in 2016. In the 2018 poll, 57 percent of Democrats had a positive view about socialism.

Gallup noted during the Obama presidency most voters kept a positive view about capitalism but that dropped under the Trump presidency. Gallup also noted that instead of describing socialism as government ownership of businesses, Democrats use the word to describe the need for more government regulation to help pay for more social programs.

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