Emo Resurfaces–This Time in Central Florida

Can an emo revival draw Central Florida residents out to socialize? Orlando will find out Thursday when “Emo Night” comes to the Social.

The emo movement, such as it was, started with bands in the 80s like Embrace but really exploded in the 90s when bands like Weezer, At the Drive In and My Chemical Romance took the genre mainstream.

Now, when those bands are played, people show up. “

“We are a real community-based event,” Morgan Freed, the founder of Emo Night, told Florida Daily.

Freed hopes to get like-minded people together no matter their ages to enjoy some time together with old friends and making new ones.

Throughout the years he’s brought Emo Night across the country, Freed has seen a great deal.

“We’ve seen everything from marriage proposals…all the way to people having their first baby after they met at Emo Night,” he said.

Freed knew he was onto something on election night in 2016 at an Emo Night event in Denver. Even as Donald Trump was declared the upset winner in the presidential election, people at the Emo Night, even those who opposed him, seemed to be coping just fine.

“We want people to just have a good time,” Freed told Florida Daily. “We have a bunch of stuff going on in the world. And I think it is really important that for a couple of hours a night, you kind of forget that and be able to be with people that understand.”

Freed said he expects music lovers, especially fans of the 90s, to be there.

“Essentially we were outcasts,” he said. “ Now that emo is seeing a little of its day in the sun after years where it wasn’t. It was sort of looked down upon.”

Talking to Florida Daily, Freed compared the emo resurgence to previous generations who turned to older music (the same way this writer loves classic rocks from the 70s). The younger generations are turning back to emo music.

Freed believes this is part of a natural cycle.

“They saw something the generation before they grew up doing and said ‘we want that,’” he said.

Emo Night will be held this Thursday at the Social in Orlando and Freed offered some advice for people considering going.

“I would take off work the next day. It’s a drinking night,” he said.


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