FDOT Will Activate I-95 Managed Lanes in Boca Raton Beginning November 13

In a continued effort to enhance mobility throughout the state, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) announced this week that it has completed portions of the northbound and southbound managed lanes project along I-95 from Cypress Creek Road to Glades Road in Boca Raton.

Managed lanes enhance safety, optimize traffic flow, and provide more reliable travel times for longer, regional trips. This project adds additional capacity to the existing managed lanes system while relieving congestion. Starting November 13, the newly implemented managed lanes will offer additional travel options for drivers on the I-95 corridor from Cypress Creek Road to Glades Road. The number of general use lanes available to travelers will remain the same.

The newly implemented tolls in the managed lanes will be collected electronically using a SunPass or any other Florida-accepted transponder. Customers must have an active account with the transponder properly affixed to the windshield.

Entrances for the I-95 northbound managed lanes are located north of Cypress Creek Road and north of Hillsboro Boulevard, and exits are located south of SW 10th Street and south of Glades Road. I-95 southbound managed lanes entrances are located south of Glades Road and south of SW 10th Street, and exits are located north of Hillsboro Boulevard and north of Cypress Creek Road.

Destinations and the corresponding managed lanes toll will be posted on electronic signs in advance of the entrance, giving motorists time to choose whether they would like to use the managed lanes. Upon entering the managed lanes, motorists will pay the toll rate displayed on the sign until reaching the next decision point. Motorists will never pay a higher toll amount than the rate displayed on the sign. If the toll decreases after entering the managed lanes, motorists will pay the lower amount until they reach the next decision point.

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