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Florida #3 Among States Where Mail is Most Likey to Be Lost

A new study revealed that Florida is among the top three states where your mail is most likely to be lost.

Experts in digital mailboxes at iPostal1 analyzed the average number of monthly Google searches in each state for over 150 terms related to lost mail, including ‘USPS mail recovery’ and ‘FedEx lost mail.’ The number of searches in each state were compared to the population to determine which state has the most lost mail per 100,000 citizens. 
Each month, the Sunshine State has an average of 12,583 average monthly Google searches regarding lost mail per 100k citizens. Colorado is where you’re likely than any other state to have your mail lost. Conversely, Oklahoma touts the lowest number of searches for lost mail.

“While the postal service works diligently to deliver mail promptly and accurately, certain states face inherent challenges that make this task more difficult,” Jeff Milgram, CEO and Founder of iPostal1 said. “Residents in states like Colorado, New York, and Florida should be particularly vigilant about tracking their mail and reporting any issues to their local postal services.”

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