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Florida Among Nation’s Top 3 Deadliest States for Driving at Night

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A new study has revealed the states in which taking a late-night drive could prove to be the most fatal, with Hawaii placing top, and Florida ranking third.

Personal injury lawyers at Omega Law Group analyzed government data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) from 2017 to 2021 to reveal the states where it’s deadliest to drive after dark, based on the percentage of fatal crashes that occur at night, compared to during the daytime.

““It’s always crucial to pay attention whilst driving, even more so whilst driving at night with reduced visibility,” A spokesperson for Omega Law Group said. “These findings underscore just how important it is to be extra vigilant and cautious when driving after dark. Knowing which areas have higher risks can help drivers take necessary precautions, such as prior route planning and proper vehicle maintenance, among other measures, ultimately making night-time travel safer for everyone on the road.”

Hawaii ranks as the most dangerous state for night-time driving, with 59.01% of all fatal crashes happening after dark – meaning almost three in five fatal crashes happened at night. During the five-year period, Hawaii recorded 285 out of 483 crashes (59.01%) take place during night-time hours.

California takes the second spot on the list, with 58.32% of all fatal crashes happening at night – an 11.59% increase on the national average throughout all states, which was found to be 52.27%. California recorded 18,137 fatal crashes from 2017 to 2021, the most out of any state, with 10,579 of those occurring during night hours.

Close behind in third place is Florida, where 58.3% of all fatal crashes occurred at night – 11.54% higher than the national average. A total of 8,944 out of 15,342 recorded fatal crashes in this state occurred at night.

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