Florida Congresswoman: HHS Secretary Alex Azar Needs to Resign

On Friday, freshman U.S. Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, D-Fla., called for U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Sec. Alex Azar’s resignation. Mucarsel-Powell pointed to a number of reasons, including how illegal immigrants in federal custody have been treated.

Mucarsel-Powell offered her rationale for why she thinks Azar needs to go.

“The Trump administration’s immigration policies have broken down our government’s moral fabric when responding to a humanitarian crisis,” Mucarsel-Powell said. “Since President Trump doubled down on his ‘Remain in Mexico’ policies, stopped processing asylum cases, separated children from their families, and diverted sorely-needed funds from various government agencies to build a medieval and ineffective wall, our immigration crisis has only worsened. In no place is that more apparent than at the Homestead child detention facility.

“The Homestead child detention facility is a symbol of everything that is with rotten with the Trump administration: numerous children have died while in custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement; basic necessities like education, exercise, and legal services have been cut; and a hurricane evacuation and relocation plan has not been developed or shared publicly in a region prone to natural disasters,” she added. “Furthermore, we still haven’t received a response to our request for more information in determining whether John Kelly played a role in securing a multi-million dollar contract for a company profiting off the detainment and suffering of children, and HHS has defied the law by denying members of Congress the ability to perform our constitutional duty of oversight.

“By enforcing these disastrous policies, the Department of Health & Human Services under the leadership of Secretary Alex M. Azar has proved it cannot be a trusted caretaker for children and minors in its custody. For these reasons, Secretary Azar must resign,” Mucarsel-Powell concluded.

First elected to Congress last year when she edged U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla. in one of the most competitive congressional elections in the state, Mucarsel-Powell represents all of Monroe County and parts of Miami-Dade County. Representing a swing district, Mucarsel-Powell is expected to be a top target for Republicans as the GOP looks to flip the House in 2020.


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  1. You are an idiot lady. Trump didn’t cause this. Democrats not stepping up and changing the laws so these people won’t come here . We can’t take care of our own. They need to fight for their rights in their country. How many do you want our people to take care of. Move them in your house.Seniors live on less than half of what they get and they have worked all their lives.

    • Andrea, the only mistake you say, is to call this this trash congress woman need to go, Florida need to get good Republican who love American more than the illegals aliens. All this illegals need to go to SANTUARY CITY ONLY. I’M @ IMMIGRANT AND ILLEGALS ARE ALIENS NOT IMMIGRANT

    • Andrea, that idiot is no lady. Wonder if she is doing her thing on the ladder with Kamala of California.

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