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Florida Democrats Glee on Poll Showing Biden Gaining on Trump in the state

Over the weekend, The Florida Democratic Party has been sending out fundraising messages letters with the caption, “Donald Trump is in trouble in Florida. This confirms that Florida is back as a battleground state.”

This revolves around a Fox News poll that just came out showing former president Trump’s lead over incumbent President Joe Biden is down to four points, 50% to 46%. Trump’s lead falls within the poll’s margin of sampling error. In 2020, Trump won Florida by 3.5 points

Some media outlets in the state were stunned by the numbers, describing it as a “shock poll.”  Former Obama campaign spokesperson Kevin Cate says the poll shows a win for Democrats.

If y’all think I’m kidding, our state and fed races in 2022 lost by 16 and 20 points. If this race is within four, Trump is spending major money and time here, which is a MASSIVE win for Joe Biden and Florida Democrats,’ Cate said.

Public polling is public polling and all that should be considered, but Florida being under 5 points is not what I’d expect, especially compared to other swing states,” said NBC News National politics reporter Matt Dixon.

While Florida Democrats are ecstatic about the polling report, what they failed to mention is if the two-way race turns into a 5-way battle including Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the other liberal candidates, Trump extends his lead to 7 points. 47% Trump, 40% Biden, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 7%, Cornel West 2%, and Jill Stein 1%.

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“If you look at Trump’s victory in 2020 and the latest Fox Poll, you might ask yourself why these numbers are so close and on the surface it would indicate Trump hasn’t expanded his base,” said Steve Vancore from Vancore Communications.

But Vancore still believe Trump will win Florida and say the survey should have included more independent voters.

Other presidential topics the poll covered.

On Trump hush money conviction, 64% of Floridians said Trump’s conviction won’t matter, including 50% believe it won’t matter at all. 

Did Trump get a fair trial? 52% said yes, 45% said no.

Favorable views: Florida voters have a more favorable view of Trump than Biden or Kennedy.  Trump breaks even with voters (49% favorable, 49% unfavorable), while Biden (42%-56%) and Kennedy’s (34%-46%) unfavorable are much higher.


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