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ManpowerGroup:  Florida Cities Poised For Job Growth In 2019

One of the worlds largest staffing firms believes Florida will lead the nation when it comes to cities with new jobs in 2019.

A new study by ManpowerGroup noted that the hiring trends for other states may be slowing down but that’s not the case in the Sunshine State.

The top four cities that will see the most new jobs created are Deltona in Central Florida, Cape Coral in South Florida, Tampa and Jacksonville.

ManpowerGroup pointed out, in the 13 national industry sectors, the biggest areas of growth will be transportation, utilities, leisure and hospitality, and professional and business.

The study relied on 12,500 interviews with companies to determine the hiring trends for 2019.


Florida Becomes The Hot Real Estate Market For Millennials

Realtor.com sees a major increase in mortgage applications from millennials in Florida.

The top city for millennials seeking mortgages is Lakeland. Miami also cracked the top 10, coming in at number nine.

Realtor.com notes one of the main reasons that makes Lakeland so attractive is that the home prices are cheaper than the national average.

Danielle Hale, chief economist at Realtor.com, points out that the homes in Lakeland are around $100,000 cheaper than the national average. The average cost for a house in Lakeland is $161,757.

Lakeland and Miami are also markets that are booming thanks to new construction and job growth.


Florida Housing Market: Delinquency On Loans Going Down

Delinquent loans–loans more than 30 days past due but not in foreclosure–are on the wane in Florida.

The Jacksonville Daily Record reported, over the past year, the delinquency in home loans in Florida has gone down, showing more improvement there than any other state.

According to the Daily Record, one of the reasons why delinquencies in the state are going down is because homes are becoming more affordable in several markets in Florida.

While most experts have focused on  the luxury home boom in South Florida, especially in Miami, the Daily Record reports that North Florida has seen a big increase in the number of homes being put on the market. These homes in North Florida are, generally, more affordable than the ones in Miami and the rest of South Florida.


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