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Florida Gas Prices, Inflation May Damper Summer Travel Plans

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There is gas under $3 dollars a gallon and that is in Ft Walton Beach, where it’s $2.92 a gallon. According to AAA, the state average is around $3.521. up by almost 8-cents from the following week.

Gas analyst Patrick DeHaan from Gas Buddy says the summer shouldn’t see any spikes at the pump unless a hurricane hits the state. He also predicts Floridians may not see a peak demand around the summer holidays that was seen last year.

Florida families looking to travel may slow down this year as a Fox News poll finds more than half say they’re not going away on summer vacation because of higher prices.

55% said they aren’t going anywhere, with 73% of that same group saying they don’t have enough money to travel.

Of those polled, 84% identified gas prices as being a problem for their family, 49% said it was a major problem. Food costs are even worse for consumers with 89% saying it’s a problem, 62% said it’s a major problem). 

51% of voters who are under the age 30 and 52% of college-educated voters and 51% of families making over $50,000 a year said they are more likely to go on vacation this summer. But 60% of women, 62% of those without a college degree, 64% of voters 65 and over and 67% of families earning less than $50,000 a year said they will not be travelling this summer.

From the political side, Republicans (56%), Democrats (52%) and independents (60%) say they are staying put this summer.

The poll found the last time the question of summer traveling plans was asked was in 2010, when 51% said money was an issue preventing them from travelling.


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