Liberty First Network Pushes Agenda, Including Ending Red Light Cameras, Abolishing CRC

With the Florida Legislature kicking off its regular session in Tallahassee this week, the Liberty First Network unveiled its legislative agenda.

Liberty First Network President Alex Snitker was in Tallahassee this week to ensure that every member of the Legislature had copies of the group’s agenda which includes its take on more than 40 bills.

The network expressed its support for proposals ending red light cameras in Florida; abolishing the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) and pushing the Criminal Justice Reform First Step Act. The Liberty First Network is also backing bills stopping local governments from regulating front yard gardens and vacation rentals.

Snitker weighed in on his group‘s agenda and sounded an optimistic note about new Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“I am very excited and optimistic that the Legislature and governor are considering the most pro-liberty bills that I have seen in recent sessions,” Snitker said.


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