Florida Likes the Idea of Building a Border Wall, Not so High on Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi

President Donald Trump’s call for building a wall on the southern border has solid support in the Sunshine State and is far more popular in Florida than either the president or U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., a new poll finds.

Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) Business and Economics Polling Initiative (BEPI) released a poll on Tuesday showing a majority of Floridians–55 percent–want to build the wall while 37 percent oppose the idea with the rest unsure.

The poll finds a partisan gap on the issue with 84 percent of Republicans backing the wall while only 11 percent of them oppose it. Most Democrats–67 percent–oppose the wall while 23 percent support it. A majority of independents–59 percent–back the wall while 29 percent are against it. Asked about congressional funding for the wall to avoid another federal shutdown, a majority of those surveyed–51 percent–back the idea while 36 percent oppose it.

The wall is more popular in Florida than either Trump or Pelosi. Trump, who carried Florida in 2016, has the approval of 41 percent of those surveyed while 46 percent disapprove of him. Pelosi is in similar shape in Florida with 40 percent approving of her while 44 percent disapprove of her.

Asked about military intervention to topple the Maduro regime in Venezuela, Floridians are divided with 36 percent supporting the idea and 35 percent opposing it.

The poll of 500 Florida voters was taken from Feb. 7-9 and had a margin of error of +/- 4.3 percent.


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