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Florida Named Best State for College Students

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An organization devoted to eliminating student debt ranked Florida the best state for college students. In’s latest report, the Sunshine State had the best overall ranking for cost, graduation rate, and the number of college students in the state.

To rank each state, analyzed the following state data sets surrounding the size of student communities, average graduation rate, and average cost of tuition and living expenses during the nine-month academic school year period:

• College enrollment and student demographic statistics from
• Average cost of college by state from
• College graduation rates by state in 2022 from World Population Review
• Understanding College Affordability: Pricing and Expenses from the Urban Institute
• The average cost of food in the US from

The states with the highest average cost were Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Graduation rate averages were the lowest in West Virginia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky and Louisiana.


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