We don’t kneel!

I come from a long line of military veterans that honorably served this great nation.  My maternal grandfather Otto Ross served in the US Army during World War I.  My father Walter Hill served 26 years in the US Air Force and was a Vietnam veteran.  I was honored to attend the US Air Force Academy and served ten years active duty during peace time.  My son Jonathan Hill served in the US Marine Corp for four years as an infantry rifleman and completed a tour off the coast of Africa.  My oldest son Joshua Hill desperately wanted to serve in the USMC but was medically disqualified.  My daughter Jessica Hill Suchka is married to a member of the US Air Force.

It is quite obvious that we come from a family that loves this country and are willing to offer the ultimate sacrifice if called upon, as countless other brave patriots have already done and are now doing.

My love for this country and all that it stands for–championing the rights of the individual, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, equal treatment under the law and a Constitution that limits the just powers of the government by the consent of the governed–is why I am incensed at the unpatriotic act of Nike by making disgraced former National Football League (NFL) football player Colin Kaepernick their public face.

The ungrateful Kaepernick started the shameful movement of NFL players kneeling during the playing of our national anthem, a disrespectful display to veterans, active military, first responders and all patriots that love our great nation.  For the second year in a row, the NFL will not be watched in the Hill household.

Nike has decided to show its disdain for this country. I don’t think this country should pay Nike for its unpatriotic behavior.  I am calling on the Florida comptroller to review all state government contracts with Nike and to divest the state of Florida from Nike as soon as it is contractually possible.  This will include all sports uniforms with our colleges and universities and any clothing worn by first responders. There are several other patriotic companies that can fill these contractual obligations.

Nike does not deserve the money of hard working Florida taxpayers that love this state and this nation.  The only thing we kneel for in this country is God.

Former state Rep. Mike Hill is the Republican nominee in Florida House District 1 which contains parts of Escambia County. 



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