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Attorney General Ashley Moody

Florida Officials Warning Florida Seniors About IRS Scams

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Florida Attorney General (AG) Ashley Moody and Florida U.S. Senator Rick Scott met with a group of seniors at the Villages on the growing risk of financial scams.

This one involves the IRS with individuals impersonating as government workers.

Moody’s office says these latest scams are targeting older adults by pretending to be government officials, aiming to steal sensitive personal information and money. By posing as representatives from agencies such as the IRS, or other government agencies, these fraudsters use fear and deceit to exploit their victims.

The AG laid out areas where Florida residents can detect these impersonators.

The IRS will never demand immediate payment via prepaid debit cards, gift cards, or wire transfers. Typically, if taxes are owed, the IRS will first send a bill by mail.

The IRS will never threaten to involve local police or other law enforcement agencies.

The IRS will never demand payment without allowing opportunities to dispute or appeal the amount owed.

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The IRS will never request credit, debit, or gift card numbers over the phone.

Senator Scott said his office was notified of the scams. “The IRS identified a concerning trend where fraudulent actors increasingly target unsuspecting individuals, particularly senior citizens, by masquerading as IRS agents. Victims are pressured into making immediate payments through unorthodox methods such as gift cards or wire transfers under the pretense of resolving fictitious tax liabilities or securing false refunds,” said Scott.

Moody says the biggest group being targeted are Florida Seniors. Her office, along with the IRS, has created a partnership to help protect consumers against these scams.

Officials tell consumers not to return the call using the number provided by the caller or the one displayed on their caller ID. If taxpayers are uncertain about the legitimacy of IRS communications, they can contact IRS customer service for verification at 800-829-1040 or, for the hearing impaired, TTY/TDD 800-829-4059.

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