Inboxes across Florida are getting filled with political attacks from the left and the right. Here’s some of the latest mud being thrown on the campaign trail.

Let’s start with the governor’s race where apparently it is Adam Putnam’s turn to be attacked by the Florida Democratic Party (FDP). The Florida Democrats are calling his security initiative “a nothingburger.”

“Coming clean about whether he will support the NRA’s push to expand gun control will say a lot more about whether as Governor Putnam will keep Floridians safe than a bunch of recycled talking points and policy proposals on the opioid crisis Putnam has already announced,” Kevin Donohoe, a spokesman for the FDP, wrote in an email.  The headline asks whether or not Putnam will support the NRA’s demand of repeal of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas School Safety Act as the NRA is demanding.

Expect the Florida Democrats to paint Putnam as a “NRA sellout” you will about 6 billion times between now and election day.  Just look at what else Donohoe had to say about the Republican gubernatorial hopeful.

“Putnam’s record on safety has been defined by dishonesty, gross mismanagement, incompetence, and a failure to properly work with law enforcement agencies like the FBI. Now, in an election-year stunt, Putnam is trying to erase his dangerous record and pretend he’s a champion of Floridians’ security,” Donohoe insisted. “But Floridians know that an NRA sellout can never keep them safe”

And this is only what the Florida Democrats have to say Adam Putnam. It’s pretty clear that Rick Scott will be under fire every day as he tries to win the U.S. Senate seat from Bill Nelson.

Here’s FDP Spokeswoman Caroline Rowland jabbing the governor over the White House’s handling of sending aid to Puerto Rico. “Once again, Rick Scott refuses to stand up to the Trump Administration and their failed response in Puerto Rico,” Rowlamd claimed.

It’s also very bad for Rick Scott to be wealthy according to the FDP. Lets bring in a third  spokesperson for the FDP.

“Rick Scott is a walking conflict of interest, and all Floridians deserve to know the full extent of Scott’s self-serving corruption,” Nate Evans emailed. “His continued resistance to honest transparency makes it clear he has something to hide. ”

Of course, the GOP has been on the attack as well with Nelson as the party’s biggest target.

Republican National Committee (RNC) spokesperson Taryn Fenske reacted to a poll from Morning Consult Polling which showed 48 percent of Floridians want Bill Nelson replaced.

“I’m not surprised considering he’s been in public office for almost a quarter of a century and has only sponsored ten bills that have been signed into law. If almost half of voters think he doesn’t deserve re-election, it’s clear Floridians want a new, fresh, face in Washington, D.C.,” Fenske wrote in an email.

The Republicans are also bashing Nelson on space exploration, a favorite subject of the Democrat who went up there in the space shuttle more than 30 years ago,

Ryan Patmintra with the Scott campaign is blaming Nelson for the shuttle program ending.

”If Nelson truly believes ‘investing in our space infrastructure is an investment in our future,’ then where was this belief when the Space Coast needed it?” Patmintra demanded. “And why should the Space Coast put any faith in his ability to fight for them considering his record of failure?

“In 2009, when Nelson had the opportunity to protect 7,000-plus NASA jobs for the Space Coast from massive Obama budget cuts, he failed to act,” Patmintra added. “Despite being positioned at the time as a savior for the shuttle industry – Nelson was close to Obama and was a self-proclaimed space advocate – he was unable to prevent the economic disaster from hitting Florida.”

When it comes down to politics, you can always count on mud being thrown across the Sunshine State. We’ll have more for you soon.



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