Florida Polytechnic University Launches Health Systems Engineering Program

Florida Polytechnic University has launched a Health Systems Engineering (HSE) program, which offers the only undergraduate-level concentration of its kind in the state.

“Anyone who is frustrated with the current health care state and who would like to learn how to use their STEM skillset to transform health care delivery could benefit from HSE,” said Dr. Grisselle Centeno, the director of the program and professor in the Department of Data Science and Business Analytics. “This new program uses engineering tools and methods to improve efficiency and productivity, and studies health care as a holistic complex system.”

The Health Systems Engineering program allows students pursuing a degree in data science or business analytics to declare a concentration in HSE. Students majoring in computer science, or electrical, mechanical, or computer engineering can also benefit from this program by pursuing an HSE certificate.

Career opportunities include positions in systems engineering in health care, health informatics, health data science, medical device development, and medical supply chain management.

“Health care captures 18 percent of the national gross domestic product, equivalent to $3.5 trillion,” Centeno said. “There are many challenges and therefore opportunities to improve health systems – that is hospitals and clinics, which constitute about 80 percent of that 18 percent.”

In addition to its coursework, the concentration brings in a variety of guest speakers such as physicians, nurses, and health care consultants to discuss the importance of data, process improvement, and other relevant issues in the health care industry.

“Given all the support we’re getting from industry and interest in opening doors for our graduates, we hope to grow our program quickly,” Centeno said.


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