Florida Saw 12 Year Thanksgiving Low on Gas Prices But AAA Expects Them to Rise This Week

While Florida had its lowest Thanksgiving gas prices in 12 years, AAA expects prices to rise in the coming days.

“Florida gas prices averaged $2.03 per gallon on Thanksgiving Day. That was 40 cents less than the year before and the lowest since 2008, when pump prices averaged $1.91 per gallon,” AAA noted.

In the meantime, on Sunday, the average gallon of gas in Florida stayed at $2.03, the same as it was at the start of last week and lower than the national average of $2.13

“Floridians may see gas prices inch up a few pennies this week,” said Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA and the Auto Club Group. “Last week, vaccine optimism sent crude oil to its highest price since early March, before COVID-related lockdowns were imposed across the country. Wholesale gasoline prices also increased as a result. A state average price of $2.08 per gallon is possible, unless fundamentals shift this week.”

The West Palm Beach-Boca Raton area had the most expensive gas in the state with an average of $2.18 a gallon followed by Gainesville and the Sebastian-Vero Beach area which both saw an average of $2.12 a gallon.

Punta Gorda had the least expensive gas in Florida with an average of $1.94 a gallon followed by Jacksonville at $1.96 a gallon and the Fort Myers-Cape Coral area at $1.98 a gallon.


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