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Florida Still a Low Tax State, New Report Finds

On Wednesday, Florida TaxWatch (FTW) released its latest edition of its “How Florida Compares” report on taxes. 

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On Wednesday, Florida TaxWatch (FTW) released its latest edition of its “How Florida Compares” report on taxes.

The report, FTW noted, will help “Floridians better understand their state through comparing Florida’s taxes to those that are levied across the nation” and “provides nonpartisan information on where Florida ranks and contains nearly 40 tables, graphs, and charts that provide a comprehensive look at tax collections and other government revenues for all 50 states.”

According to the report, Florida remains a low tax state even as “per capita state and local revenue collections climbed from $5,679 in FY2014-15, to $5,733 in FY2015-16, moving the state from 42nd to 40th highest among the 50 states in total tax burden.”

The report also finds that, with no state income tax, Florida continues to rely more on local tax revenue–which is almost 55 percent of total non-federal tax revenue in the state–compared to the other states.

Former state Sen. Pat Neal, the chairman of Florida TaxWatch, weighed in on the report on Wednesday.

“As Florida’s premier taxpayer public-policy research institution, Florida TaxWatch is proud to present our 2019 How Florida Compares: Taxes report, providing taxpayers and lawmakers with detailed insight into how our state truly compares in its tax burden on Florida families. While Florida remains a low tax state, this report shows that opportunities remain for our state to become even more competitive as we continue to attract families and business to make Florida home,” Neal said.

The report also “shows that despite reductions in the state’s communications services tax by the Florida Legislature in 2015, Florida’s ‘State & Local Cell Phone Tax Rate’ is the ninth highest in the nation.”



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